Bahama Charters

The Bahamas are a perfect yacht charter destination in most every way. These islands offer clear turquoise waters teeming with life, gorgeous beaches on hundreds of coral islands, quiet anchorages, renowned ports and world class resorts. Rich in history and incredibly accessible. We love the soft sands, gentle sailing and secluded coves.


  • Treasure Cay is a part of Great Abaco and can be reached by water. Not to be missed as one of the top ten beaches of the world with 3 and half mile sandy beach.
  • World Famous Bone fishing at the Marl's, Cherokee Sound or Sandy Point.
  • Andros barrier reef is the third longest in the world. A snorkelers paradise with wrecks to check out, blue holes, caves and teeming with sea life.
  • Cathedral. Shafts of sunlight on the floor of huge caverns.
  • Coral Cavern. Schools of silversides in winding caverns.
  • Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park. Snorkel with seat turtles and eagle rays in protected area with beautiful corals.
  • Sanka Shoal. Puffer fish like spiked baseballs.
  • Hope Town Reef. Many schooling fish, Elkhorn and Brain coral.





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